Weathering the Storm

According to the 2011-2012 National Survey of Children’s Health, over one-quarter (26.4%) of children  in Arizona have already experienced one adverse family experience and nearly one-third (31.1%) have experienced two or more such experiences by the age of 18. This is significantly higher than the national average (22.6%) of children experiencing two or more adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) . Even worse, in Arizona children ages 12 to 17, 44.4% have experienced two or more ACEs, compared to the national average of 30.5%. These are the children we serve in our schools, our youth programs, and our summer camps.

Weathering the Storm: Trauma Informed Practices in Youth Development” is a workshop designed to help formal and informal educators support children and youth who have adverse childhood experiences. Workshop participants will learn what experiences are considered adverse childhood experiences, the signs and symptoms of youth trauma and what we can do in our classrooms and programs to support these children. The good news is we can really do something because research has shown that stable, nurturing relationships with caring adults can prevent or reverse the damaging effects of the toxic stress associated with adverse childhood experiences.

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